Thanks to its experience of more than 25 years in the business, Montbrú Cheeses has now created a new concept with the idea of creating a fusion of two traditional products used in our cuisine. It´s a new way of eating cheese, ideal for sharing, to eat it cold with snacks and aperitifs, to put in salads or to eat hot, melted on a pizza. Cheese Fuet has now arrived on our dining tables. Cheese like you have never seen it before!

Formatges Montbrú specialize in exquisitely crafted cheeses which are made following the ancient tradition, which has been continuing century after century, in and around Mas Montbrú and the Moianès region. Fresh, soft , semi-cured, fully-cured… above all the goat, but also the buffalo, cow or the sheep´s cheeses that Montbrú cheeses make, will all stimulate your senses.


Av. del Prat 16, Pol. Ind. El Prat
08180 MOIÀ (Barcelona)

T 93 820 90 10
F 93 820 78 57